What are relationships? Why do they ever exist?

A Relationship is a true bond between people. I’m not talking about any other type of relationship I’m specifically talking about Love Relationships. Relationships exists just because ⇒


If you go out and ask a random person about how many true relationships he/she have been? They won’t be able to answer it, because we ourselves don’t know which one was true. People nowadays, find it quite amusing that a person has been in so many relationships and eventually ended up being ditched or cheated.

Some relationships are too beautiful. Some are really bad, rest are worse. A relationship works when two people come together agreeing on staying together and accepting each others’ flaws. Half of the relationships end just because one person never gets tierd of putting efforts and the efforts of the other one is just not enough. Efforts is all it takes.

LOVE is a very strong word and this word describes the strongest feeling in the world. I suggest people to use this word only when they mean it. Telling someone that you love them, indirectly affects the person very much. The Base of every relationship is love.

So, please don’t ever get into a relationship for selfish needs.

Relationships are Based on TRUST, LOYALTY & LOVE.

Not everyone get what they want, and those who do don’t value it when its theirs. Please value what you have, don’t spoil it ever. Because you are lucky in the first place to get it. 🙂


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