FOOD My first love ❤️

They say you can’t buy Happiness, but you can buy ICE CREAM… They are one ‘n’ same thing…

According to Dictionary, FOODIE means someone who has interest in Food; a gourmet. But in my terms it is quite similar, a foodie is a person who is in love with food, whose day starts with food and ends with food ❤

A foodie person is often called fatso, moti, hapshi, maneater, elephant, etc. (they are my names :P) Eating at different places, different mouth-watering delicacies, OMG! that is my fantasy.

I have replaced the word love with food in my life. Food is love, love is food for me. People are desperate to find love which will keep them happy but they don’t realise that happiness is where they want it to be. For many people like me it lies in food. It provides with immense satisfaction, joy and relief. It is a perfect companion, no complaints no demands no chik chik no jhanjhaat……

Me and food are in a long lasting relationship. And this relationship is always a take take relationship. When I eat this is the most amazing relationship in the world. All you get is happiness, no problems.

♥ If one don’t have the love that they want, they might as well go for the closest and easiest approximation, which for many of us(including me) means food.

 Being a foodie is good,but this might has consequences . The net result of this can potentially mean overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, weight gain, shame, guilt and more.  


i’m a foodie, i was a foodie and i will be one no matter what anyone has to say about it.


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