Understanding the Misunderstanding

Breaking up with best friends is thousand times painful than breaking up from a relationship.

The first question that comes o your mind is…..WHAT THE HELL WENT WRONG?
What lead to this? Why did it happened? And What role and how much role you played in it? Was it intentional or it just happened?

If all these are yet to be answered, and you are certain that the damage won’t repair now. Then you begin to question your ability to trust people, your ability to believe in yourself. Will you be able to regain that trust in people? What happened to the understanding between two best friends. Was it too hard to understand what the other was going through even when you know him/her the best? You used to anticipate each n every move of theirs and now you are blank…you couldn’t even understand that they were misunderstood. Misunderstood by who? By the one who understood everything. IRONIC no?

Sometimes, what has to happpen happenes…If it was destined to happen you have no control over it. Some people come too close, and the suddenly they are ripped apart, exposing you to the cruel and harsh world. That person who knew every flaw, every best in your is now too far that he can’t even hear you. It aches, it aches too much.

Was i too selfish to let my friends slide away while I was busy making myself busy? I’m such a mess. I don’t even know what have i done and what i will do? People have started questioning about our breakup and I have no answers. Please somebody tell me why the hell do such things happen to people with absentmindedness like me.

The damage is beyond repair, and you gotta live with it.


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