State of a Regular Indian girl

It is assumed that girls are practically dumb and they don’t have a logical mind. But you know it is just something that is said by people who can’t accept it that girls are excelling in their field.

In India, girls are underestimated on each and every ground. We are even underestimated for the typical female work. Why is it always “Beta! Ladkiyo se nhi hoga. Bhai/Papa/Anyone else ko krne do.” ? Why can’t we do it? These days girls are killing it more than boys, and most of them have been critisized by either parents, siblings or relatives, whereas society is always there playing its role. A Indian girl is expected to do every thing that is asked of her, she is told to be in her limits every time. Where as An Indian guy from the same family has the authority to do anything he wants, he is never reminded of the limts he should be in.

Every Indian is beware of crazy pyshcos. Nowadays it is witnessed that girls are victims of males. Crime against women is on a rise here, Acid attacks, rape, molestation, assault, domestic violence, etc. All women are prey to men’s rage, agreesion or desperation.
And a new type of torture arisen, LOVE, girls fell in the web of those stinking male spiders who intend to eat them alive. They are made to trust the guys that they are in love and will always be there for them, infactuation is created and then these girls are looted of each and everything they have, money, sex, prestige, things,etc. And in the end they are left, helpless and broken after being used.

Every a normal Indian girl, is scared to death whenever she steps out of her home. This fear is created by those stinky skunks in our society, who are what they don’t show them as. They are just like that wolf in disguise of a sheep, who is waiting for one chance to rip any sheep off and satisfy its hunger. I don’t think of each and every person as the same, but being an Indian girl I have a fear in mind always that any person might be that wrong person i shouldn’t have met.

Please! I on behalf of every girl beg of you all to STOP! Stop doing anything that offend a girl/lady.



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