Random thoughts

There are somethings in life which need to end. No matter what they are, friendships, relationships, family, acquaintances…There is an end to everything. And it is not defined whether it will be good or bad. Somethings are meant to end badly and that is what you take to the graves with you. Despite of continuous efforts things never go back the way they were, in this process everyone that is involved gets hurt…These situations are one of the worst. It is either this way or that way, there is no in between! Sometimes it cross the river and goes to the calm shore or it goes back to chaotic shore with storm and turbulence…..
What should be done in these situations?
It is a question with a confusing answer. That answer is not yet found. And I don’t think in the near future will be found.
Troubles, Hardships are a way of life to make you realize that you have to be that strong so that no one, no one can break you! And it teaches you to bear the loss..Loss that you have and will face in life. Losing someone isn’t that easy to cope with but you have to. Once you lose someone/something the possiblity for it to return is very less, but if it returns there is a surity has it was yours a point in life.
We all need someone in our life to depend on, it can be your best friend, boyfriend, sibling, parent, anyone! But it is certain that we will find that somebody in our life and they will stay no matter what!


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