State of a Regular Indian girl

It is assumed that girls are practically dumb and they don’t have a logical mind. But you know it is just something that is said by people who can’t accept it that girls are excelling in their field.

In India, girls are underestimated on each and every ground. We are even underestimated for the typical female work. Why is it always “Beta! Ladkiyo se nhi hoga. Bhai/Papa/Anyone else ko krne do.” ? Why can’t we do it? These days girls are killing it more than boys, and most of them have been critisized by either parents, siblings or relatives, whereas society is always there playing its role. A Indian girl is expected to do every thing that is asked of her, she is told to be in her limits every time. Where as An Indian guy from the same family has the authority to do anything he wants, he is never reminded of the limts he should be in.

Every Indian is beware of crazy pyshcos. Nowadays it is witnessed that girls are victims of males. Crime against women is on a rise here, Acid attacks, rape, molestation, assault, domestic violence, etc. All women are prey to men’s rage, agreesion or desperation.
And a new type of torture arisen, LOVE, girls fell in the web of those stinking male spiders who intend to eat them alive. They are made to trust the guys that they are in love and will always be there for them, infactuation is created and then these girls are looted of each and everything they have, money, sex, prestige, things,etc. And in the end they are left, helpless and broken after being used.

Every a normal Indian girl, is scared to death whenever she steps out of her home. This fear is created by those stinky skunks in our society, who are what they don’t show them as. They are just like that wolf in disguise of a sheep, who is waiting for one chance to rip any sheep off and satisfy its hunger. I don’t think of each and every person as the same, but being an Indian girl I have a fear in mind always that any person might be that wrong person i shouldn’t have met.

Please! I on behalf of every girl beg of you all to STOP! Stop doing anything that offend a girl/lady.



FOOD My first love ❤️

They say you can’t buy Happiness, but you can buy ICE CREAM… They are one ‘n’ same thing…

According to Dictionary, FOODIE means someone who has interest in Food; a gourmet. But in my terms it is quite similar, a foodie is a person who is in love with food, whose day starts with food and ends with food ❤

A foodie person is often called fatso, moti, hapshi, maneater, elephant, etc. (they are my names :P) Eating at different places, different mouth-watering delicacies, OMG! that is my fantasy. Continue reading “FOOD My first love ❤️”

Does Appearance really matters?

People generally say that for them a person’s appearance never affects them. Is this really the truth?

It is partially true. As our appearance plays a vital role in how our first impression is on people. But it doesn’t always mean that the person is the same on the inside as on the outside. The truth is we all do it, we take a look at someone and make an opinion just like that.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

You’ve heard that expression so many times. The gross-looking brown apple just may be a delicious one, or beyond that old and peeling store front there may be gorgeous clothes. We can never know what lies beyond the exterior until we check it out.

Beauty is often hiden beneth the cloak of unsightedness. Once I met a man who had a really shabby appearance, he wore an old burberry print Jacket, trousers that was torn and shoes that looked like they were never polished. My friends dared me to go to him and talk to him for 5 minutes. I went to that old chap and when I was just about to say something he greeted me so warmly. I felt I created a wrong image of this man as an arrogant and poor person but he turned out to be a really soft spoken and humble person. I ended up talking to him for almost 10 minutes and from then whenever I see him I greet him with respect. This make me pick this topic to write on.

Okay. Physical appearance matters in both aspects of life; on the professional front as well as in personal life. It is normally seen that you won’t go for an interview wearing shorts and a simple tshirt as we all know this will lead to a bad impression on the interviewers, which will eventually lead to you not getting the job. Similarly on the personal front, if you have pre-assumed a person’s image in your mind, you won’t ever really know what kind of person they are, maybe they are not the same as others say.

Don’t judge anything/anyone on their appearances, they might not be the person you think of them as.


What are relationships? Why do they ever exist?

A Relationship is a true bond between people. I’m not talking about any other type of relationship I’m specifically talking about Love Relationships. Relationships exists just because ⇒


If you go out and ask a random person about how many true relationships he/she have been? They won’t be able to answer it, because we ourselves don’t know which one was true. People nowadays, find it quite amusing that a person has been in so many relationships and eventually ended up being ditched or cheated.

Some relationships are too beautiful. Some are really bad, rest are worse. A relationship works when two people come together agreeing on staying together and accepting each others’ flaws. Half of the relationships end just because one person never gets tierd of putting efforts and the efforts of the other one is just not enough. Efforts is all it takes.

LOVE is a very strong word and this word describes the strongest feeling in the world. I suggest people to use this word only when they mean it. Telling someone that you love them, indirectly affects the person very much. The Base of every relationship is love.

So, please don’t ever get into a relationship for selfish needs.

Relationships are Based on TRUST, LOYALTY & LOVE.

Not everyone get what they want, and those who do don’t value it when its theirs. Please value what you have, don’t spoil it ever. Because you are lucky in the first place to get it. 🙂

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